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XI College EIIN Number [HSC Admission EIIN]

XI Class Admission EIIN Number of All College is available Online. Most of the Students chose Mobile SMS system for applying HSC Admission 2018. Educational Institute Identity Number (EIIN) must require for XI Class Admission from Teletalk Mobile SMS. Now we will share the best process for collecting College EIIN Number.  XI Class Admission candidates will clearly have to know the EIIN code of the chosen college.

It’s too hard to collect All college EIIN Number. We have added some Top College EIIN Number of All Board (Board Wise) and all college EIIN PDF Sheet is available on this post. From the PDF list, you can easily find out the EIIN Number by using find button. Let’s read the details system and follow now.

XI Class EIIN Number:

The EIIN carry the Identity of a College. The college which Approved by the Ministry of Education and verified by the Education Board have an EIIN Number. Fake colleges don’t have any EIIN number. So, Collect the College EIIN number and then, recheck it before using the EIIN for XI Class Admission.

Why recheck important? Imagine, you have collected an EIIN number of Dhaka College from a Website. But, originally, it isn’t the original EIIN of Dhaka College. So, your Application will be received for the other college. So, check and verify the EIIN number before applying via SMS.

Board Wise XI Class Admission EIIN Number:

We have added Board wise College EIIN Number of All Education Board. Just download the PDF file from the below. Click on the PDF link and it will be downloaded automatically. After downloading, open the File from the directory where you have saved.

Then type Ctrl + F button and you will see a find box. Now type the College Name and press enter. You will see the College Name with EIIN number details. If you want to verify the EIIN Number, type the EIIN Number in the find box and press enter. Then you will see the College Name.

Dhaka Board top College EIIN Number:

Get Dhaka Education Board Top college EIIN number from here. Dhaka Board is the main attraction to all Students. Most famous and top Ranked College situated under Dhaka Board. Here some popular College of Dhaka Board with EIIN No.

  • Ideal School And College, Motijheel EIIN Number: 10827
  • Holy Cross College EIIN Number: 131962
  • Notre Dame College EIIN Number: 108274
  • Dhaka College EIIN Number: 107977
  • City College EIIN Number: 107975
  • RajukUttara Model College EIIN Number: 108573

Chittagong Board top College EIIN Number:

Chittagong Board is the Second popular Education Board in Bangladesh. The Student under Chittagong Board can Apply on the below top College.

  • Hathazari College EIIN No.: 104464
  • Ispahani Public School & College EIIN No.: 104711
  • Hazi Muhammad Mohsin College EIIN No.: 104527
  • City College, Chittagong EIIN No.: 104301

To get the EIIN codes of all colleges of Chittagong Board, please visit the link here.

College EIIN Number of Rajshahi Board:

Rajshahi Board is one of the biggest Education Board in Bangladesh. Too many students hope to get admission in the Top college of Rajshahi Board. Keep your eyes on the below colleges.

  • Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College EIIN No.: 126487
  • Rajshahi University College EIIN No.: 126773
  • Rajshahi College EIIN No.: 126490

In addition to these, please visit the link here to get the EIIN codes of all the colleges of Rajshahi Board.

Comilla Board College EIIN Number List:

Here is the best college under Comilla Education Board for you. You can use these EIIN number to Apply for HSC Admission 2018.

  • Comilla Govt. Women’s College EIIN No.: 105821
  • Comilla Govt. College EIIN No.: 105824
  • Comilla Victora Govt. College EIIN No.: 105822
  • Ibne Taimia High School & College EIIN No.: 105751

To get the codes of all the colleges of Comilla Board together, please visit the following link.

Jessore Board Top College EIIN Number:

Some popular colleges are available on Jessore, Khulna and Jhenaidah under Jessore Board. Get the EIIN number of these college from the below.

  • Jhenaidah College EIIN No.: 116551
  • A.F. Shaheen College, Jessore EIIN No.: 116115
  • Rouf College EIIN No.: 116556

To get EIIN codes of all other colleges, please pay a visit to the link here.

EIIN Number of Dinajpur Board top College:

Dinajpur Board is only Education Board in north Bengal. Students of Rangpur, Dinajpur, Nilphamari and other district can apply on these top Ranked colleges.

  • Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur EIIN No.: 127485
  • Kurigram Government College EIIN No.: 122331
  • Cantonment Public School and College, Rangpur EIIN No.: 127500

Please visit the following link to get the EIIN codes of other colleges of Dinajpur Board.

College EIIN Number of Barisal Board:

Barisal Board XI Class Admission EIIN Number of Top College is the dream of Students. You may try to get a chance on the top colleges under Barisal Board.

  • Barisal Govt. College EIIN No.: 100867
  • Patuakhaki Government College EIIN No.: 102596

For the list of other colleges, please visit the link below.

Sylhet Board College EIIN Number List:

XI Class Admission EIIN Number update list 2018 of Sylhet Board is available here. Collect the below Top listed College and it’s EIIN Number.

  • Sylhet M. C. College EIIN No.: 130457
  • Sylhet Govt. College EIIN No.: 130450

Please click on this link to get the full list of the codes of all colleges under Sylhet Board.

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